Thanks to all who became our Sponsor Families for all of our students.  It was a bit stressful to get all of our families photos delivered to our school before the school closed for the rainy season, but they made it there!  After taking a photo with your postcards, they were able to take them home to keep.  We hope you all understand the impact you are having on these children by helping them be able to attend school at no cost to them.


Due to the outpouring of the spirit of giving,  as of December 23rd, ALL our students now have sponsors for the 2019 school year!  We may get more students joining our school at any given time and if you’d like to be notified to help those students, submit your information at the bottom of this page to be our backup team.  We will go through this process of choosing children to sponsor again next December.  Again, thank you for this Christmas Miracle (as I like to call it)!

Also know that we can also always accept donations anytime of the year.  Donations to our general fund will help us with the other costs of running the school.  We have immediate plans to put in a concrete floor and foundation on the existing classroom, start up a lunch program, build a pavillion and lunchroom tables, dig a well, and of course construct a 2nd classroom.  100% of your donations will go towards the school as we have only volunteer staff in our organization.


Welcome to our Sponsor Program where you have the opportunity to connect with one of our sweet students.

Through this school season (January-August for this 1st round) it only costs $4.00 per month to provide tuition (tuition pays for our teachers’ salaries and the cost of the child’s backpack & water bottle) for one student to attend our Hundee Ibsaa early elementary school. Thanks to the many donations towards our uniforms and other school supplies we receive from our community, we are able to keep the tuition costs this low.  This amounts to a total of $36 for this school year.  After August, we we restart the sponsorship for the next school year as many of the students will move on to a regular elementary school and a new group of younger students will be admitted.

Through the month of December we hope to have all the students connected to a sponsor family so we appreciate your interest.

    1.  Choose a child you would like to sponsor from all the students posted below.  Once you have chosen a child, put your name and email in the appropriate box and the name of the child you’d like to sponsor in the message box.  We will update the photos of the children as often as possible so you will know who already has a sponsor.
    2. Make a payment.  You can pay monthly or a lump sum for the school year ($36.00).  We accept Paypal with our email (pangaeafamilyfoundation@gmail.com–use the friends and family button to avoid fees).  We can also supply our bank routing and account # if you want to set up monthly direct deposits from your bank to Pangaea’s. Sending us cash or a check to Pangaea Foundation at 214 E. Delgada Lane Stansbury Park, UT 84074 is also acceptable.
    3. Send us a photo of you or your family (through email) that you will allow us to print out to take to your sponsor child. We will be sending you a printed photo of your sponsor child along with a drawing from them in a few months down the road, once we have returned from visiting the school this spring.