School Update


So I’ve got to say that I’ve got some pretty awesome family–especially this guy–Jote Eshete!  At the beginning of February we found out that my brother-in-law was going to Africa to visit our mom and other family.  Quickly as I could spit it out, I asked Jote if he could take $1000  (fundraising money that we had just recently been given by some awesome donors!!) with him and get some work done on the school for us.  He agreed without hesitation.

Jote ended up spending a whole week of his vacation rallying a few other family members and local village men to help him gather all the supplies and materials so that they could build a foundation around the school along with putting concrete in the classrooms of the school and outside under the awning.  This doesn’t sound like a big job but it is very difficult to find a truck to haul the sand and rocks which have to be loaded up by hand and then driven to the countryside to the location of the school. Then all the labor to dig the dirt floors down, mix the sand and cement formula together and transport the water to the school in containers on donkey’s backs are not easy tasks either.  All this work had to be done by hand–with the rudimentary tools available so kudos to those who were willing to help and especially Jote for taking on these tasks.

We were blessed that this work on the school could be coordinated with the children’s end of term vacation.  Before they came back, the cement was cured and even the walls of the school were painted a nice light blue hue.  It looks so much better and this structure will now be able to  endure the next rainy season.

I can’t praise Jote and Adisu and Tadela (our nephews) enough for all the hard work they did for that week.  Jote is an incredibly hard worker that we are happy to have on our team.

More photos are to come but here is a one to admire!